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Welcome to the South Jersey Chapter of CFMA website. I am the chapter’s current president, succeeding a number of distinguished predecessors in this role with a term of office that began April 1, 2017.

I embarked upon my personal CFMA journey back in the mid-1980s. I am an Associate member in the public accounting sector and have been throughout my CFMA experience. My first contact with CFMA involved an introductory meeting with a new client in the construction industry who handed me a CFMA membership application at that meeting along with the advice that joining CFMA would provide both valuable professional development opportunities as well as long lasting personal relationships. Both attributes of CFMA membership have proven to hold true.

Fellow CFMA members have offered their personal observations over the years that the level of benefit derived from CFMA did not correlate with any economic outlay for membership dues or fees to attend events; but rather, with the amount of volunteer effort I personally put forward. There is clearly a base level of benefit to be derived from all of the products and services available to members of CFMA, both at the national and local chapter level. That benefit level, however, is greatly expanded by devoting some element of personal time and effort and thereby sharing in the wealth of experience, devotion to the industry and long lasting personal relationships that are built by becoming activity involved in CFMA.

For most CFMA members the most readily available opportunity to get involved will arise at the chapter level. Most chapters, and the South Jersey chapter is no exception, rely heavily on the contributions of time and talent by members that begins with identification of a common mission statement and development of programs and events focused therein.

The South Jersey chapter is less than ten years old, relatively new in its organizational life cycle. Yet in that short time span it has had considerable impact upon its members in providing excellent education opportunities while providing a great platform for professional and personal networking.

Perhaps you are reading this and may be at a stage in your life where I found myself with that initial meeting with a new construction client or know someone who fits this circumstance. If so, I would welcome the opportunity, as would other members of the South Jersey Chapter, to share further with you the great value proposition of CFMA membership.

Mike Viens, CCIFP

Chapter President

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Founded in 1981, CFMA is the only organization dedicated to bringing together construction financial professionals and those partners serving their unique needs.

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There are contractors, and there are accountants. But, construction financial professionals are a breed apart. For us, day-to-day accounting is only part of the job. From job cost control and the contract lifecycle, to risk management and surety relationships, we turn to CFMA as our source and resource for construction financial excellence. CFMA is the only professional association dedicated to filling the specific needs of construction financial professionals and related industry service providers.

CFMA’s General Membership represents all types of contractors, including General Contractors and subcontractors, as well as developers, construction managers, architects, engineers, principals, and material and equipment suppliers.

CFMA’s Associate Membership is open to all those serving the construction industry, such as lawyers, public accountants, bankers, sureties, insurance agents and carriers, technology providers, and other service professionals

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Michael Viens