One of our goals for this year is to get our members more active on our committees.  Please contact the chairs to see how you can help!

We currently have 5 Chapters, listed below.


1. Programming—Mark DeVito, Chairperson and Nia Coombs, Vice Chairperson

2. Membership—Timothy Hartzell, Chairperson and Joseph Artale, Vice Chairperson

3. Marketing- Deborah Zellers, Chairperson and Faith McDermott, Vice Chaiperson

4. Charity / Scholarship—Deborah Zellers, Chairperson

5. History Committee —Faith McDermott and Robert Hinck, Co-Chairs


We need members to volunteer on the committee level, and then to look towards becoming a board member over the next two years.  There are a few ways to get involved:

1. Come to a committee meeting to see what it is all about.  Share ideas, listen.  See that while we are working hard for the chapter, we are having fun and forming friendships and networking.

2.  Not sure of the time commitment?  Volunteer for a task.  Contact the programming chairs and ask to help with one program (event set up, working with the presenters, IT, a Chapter Spotlight write-up).  Contact the Membership chairs to see about calling 5 perspective members or to take someone to lunch to talk about the benefits of CFMA.  Marketing, History and Charity are new.   Contact their chairs to see if there is one task to help with.  No long term commitment, but find out what the committees are all about.

3. Join a committee.  Jump in and help us make the chapter the best it can be.  See how being part of a committee makes you a better and stronger leader.  Look down the road at what you want for yourself as part of CFMA.


Current Board Members  2017-2018

Michael Viens                          

Joseph Artatle                        

Faith McDermott                    

Nia Coombs                            

Kimberly Hullfish                  

Ron Hicks                                          

Deborah Zellers                                                      

Timothy Hartzell                           

Mark DeVito                

Drew Garis                  

Jean Ficken

  Grow. Lead. Encourage.  Educate. 

  Participate.   Make this YOUR Chapter!