South Jersey Chapter of CFMA, 2017

Update January 2017: The CCIFP Exam is Now Offered Electronically Across the Country!!

New Year, New You!  Get Your CCIFP Designation at YOUR Convenience!         

You set a goal for 2017:  I want to sit for the CCIFP Exam this year.  You look at the schedule:  It is too early to take the exam at National in June with my focus on year end right now.  I could take it at the Mid-Atlantic Conference in September and spend my summer studying.  Or I could fly to another region when they offer the exam.  Nevermind, I’ll get it in 2018. 

 WAIT!  Don’t put it off!  Did you know you can now take the exam on demand, at your convenience? 


  The ICCIFP is proud to announce we have moved to on-demand computer-based testing! Becoming a CCIFP is now easier than ever.  Your opportunity to achieve the only ANSI-accredited credential focused on construction financial management now a 3-step process:

1.  Submit your completed application to ICCIFP and pay the applicable fees.

2.  Receive e-mail notification from ICCIFP of your eligibility to sit for the exam.

3.  Visit Pearson, select a test center, and schedule your exam (approximately 48-72 hours after e-mail notification).

 Applications submitted online are normally approved within 2 business days. This means, in most cases, you'll have the opportunity to schedule your exam about a week after submitting your application. Apply today and schedule your exam up to 90 days in the future 

 Now you can plan your course of study on your terms, pick your date and location, and have more privacy that you are even taking the exam.

 Note that paper exams will no longer be offered.  This is the only way to sit for the exam.  For more information, visit the website or call the ICCIFP at  609.945.2400.

 Important Question:  Do you still want the chapter to offer the review course?  What time of year?  During the week or on Saturday?  Contact Kimberly Hullfish @

 More Information on the Exam:

The CCIFP Certification:  Should I or Shouldn’t I? 

 Oh, the studying… I have not sat for an exam like this since college!  Hmmmm.  The Mid Atlantic Conference offers the exam in September.  The Exam is also being held in San Antonio at the National Conference.   I could begin studying by the fireplace and feel like I’m accomplishing something on a cold Sunday afternoon.  But what do I have to study?  Where do I begin to figure that out?  When do I have to commit?  I think maybe I should reach out to one of my fellow members of CFMA, but who?  So much is going through my mind. 

But the one thing I do not have to think about:  the CCIFP Certification means something to so many people.  If I get my certification, it will surely show my colleagues I am serious about my career.  Our bonding company will take notice.  Our banker mentioned that a competitor’s controller just received their certification.  I really need to give this some thought, reach out to some people, and look at the website. 



These are just some of the thoughts that run through a person’s mind when starting to think about sitting for the CCIFP exam.  Let’s start with the basics:


What does it really mean?


Tony Stagliano, Director at CBIZ and Shareholder in MHM, is not only a great supporter of the CCIFP, but is one of the founders.  He states “To me, the CCIFP designation means a sense of pride, accomplishment, and prestige while also helping to raise the bar/status for the Construction Financial Professional.”


The Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP®) designation is the only construction financial management certification accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO 17024:2003. The ICCIFP provides the construction industry with a third-party verification of an individual’s knowledge, which is essential to ethical financial management in today’s complex construction industry.  In today’s transparent climate, the ICCIFP is committed to impartial management of all certification and recertification activities, potential conflicts of interest and overall operations. (Reference:  ICCIFP Site)


Robert T. Hinck, MBA, CPA, CCIFP and Vice President Finance / CFO of Costanza Builders is the Founding President of the South Jersey Chapter of CFMA.  The CCIFP is very important to him:  “I believe the CCIFP designation to be an accomplishment and shows excellence in my field. I have my other credentials but the CCIFP says that I am one that has raised my status as a select Construction Financial Professional.”


Lee Boss, MBA, CPA, CCIFP, Managing Director of The Mercadien Group, decided to become certified because “The CCIFP designation demonstrates both my commitment and expertise in serving the construction industry as a financial professional.” 


Continues Michael Viens, CPA, CCIFP, and Director - Tax Strategies at Kreischer Miller:  “The CCIFP designation for a practicing CPA acknowledges a heightened commitment to serve the specialized industry needs of construction company owners and construction financial management personnel.”   

What will I be tested on?


Click Here for Expected Knowledge Listing 


The above link outlines the body of knowledge a CCIFP possesses.  Accounting and Reporting; Income Recognition Methods; Budgeting and Planning;  Risk Management; Taxes, Human Resources; Legal; Information Technology.  When you start reviewing these areas, you will find that so much of this you use in your everyday career. 


Take the Sample Questions and read about the Exam Eligibility


How do I prepare?

Take a deep breath and know that you already possess much of the knowledge necessary.  Now, purchase the
Study Guide and begin outlining the areas where you believe you need more in depth review and where you can spend a little less time.  Another great source is The Book, Financial Management and Accounting for the Construction Industry (available in eBook formats also – love the Kindle edition!). 

The class is also now available online,  Click Here for more information.    Also, look to your local chapters to hold live review courses and request them if you do not see them offered!


After reading this, I still have questions. 


The South Jersey Chapter Board Members understand your trepidation.  Kimberly Hullfish, MBA, CCIFP, remembers thinking about how long it had been since she sat for any exam.  She reached out to her company’s accounting firm for advice, and talked with a few members of both the South Jersey and Philadelphia Chapters.  So if you still have questions, she understands your thought process!  Reach out to her at a South Jersey Chapter Meeting, or email her at to set up a time to discuss sitting for the exam.  You may also reach out to Mike Veins at, who will also be more than happy to answer your questions.

 Contact the Institute of Certified construction Industry Financial Professionals directly at 609.945.2400 or .  There are also other chapter members who are certified who would be more than happy to discuss certification with you!