About Our Chapter

The Associate Members. Whether they are direct business partners of my company or not, I consider all the associate members to be my business partners. They volunteer their time. They educate me. They support me in my endeavors. They answer questions. They are great to have a martini with after a meeting.


The General Members. Whether they are competitors or our subcontractors, or if I only know them through CFMA, they are supportive and passionate volunteers. They help to educate me and are very helpful in real-world situations.


The Employees at National. They will answer questions. Help with chapter needs. Reach out to other members to find an answer. They are hard workers who always encourage us. And they understand National Martini Day - I look forward to celebrating it with them one day!


Spring Creek. If you ever have the opportunity to participate in CFMA's Spring Creek it is a must!  There is nothing like it. You learn so much about yourself, make great friends, and come away with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The CCIFP Certification. I received my certification in 2012 after putting it off a few years. The members of the Philadelphia and South Jersey Chapters helped build my confidence to sit for an exam after many years of not taking any type of test. If you are thinking of taking it, do not put it off. It is a great achievement. I would love to pay it forward so if I can help please contact me.


The Networking. There is no pressure at our meetings. Nobody is hard selling. Nobody is "one-upping" anyone. One guest indicated we are less formal than other organizations and it makes for better interaction amongst the attendees. I love seeing everyone each month and look forward to clinking glasses.


The Education. Whether it be our chapter's programs, which in my opinion are second to none, or a class that the Philadelphia Chapter puts on, or National's webinars, the Mid Atlantic Conference or the National Conference:  if you are attending a CFMA program you are attending something that people put their heart and soul in!


The Passion. CFMA members are passionate people. They love what they do and it shows. Did you ever notice that passion is contagious?  I love the fact that I can show my passion for my career and CFMA, and know that the people around me understand and encourage it.


The Friendships. You get to know everyone on so many different levels. Their dogs. Their spouses. Their children. Their fears. Their highs and their lows. Their favorite beverage (martinis). CFMA is real.


The Challenges.  CFMA allows me to pursue activities that are not part of my everyday job. I get to write for the website and newsletter (and learn Microsoft Publisher). I get to show some creativity - yes, accounting and finance minds can be creative! CFMA forces me to go outside my comfort zone. And that enables me to grow.


Written by Kimberly A. Hullfish, CCIFP ~ Past President, CFMA South Jersey